Support Organisations

By support organisation we are referring to any agency or individual that offers direct support to social enterprises to help improve products, services or processes related to all or any of the elements of a social enterprise’s triple bottom line (financial, social and environmental)

Support organisations are crucial to a successful social enterprise ecosystem, which, in turn, is important for social enterprise success. Acknowledgement of this point has seen partners in the Spark project reaching out to support agencies to help deliver elements of the Action Plan and indeed to help deliver elements of the Accelerator programme and mysocialstartup.eu

Our Resources

SPARK Strategy and Action plan

The Action Plan, which has been used to engage a wide array of support agencies in the last three years. These have had the chance to pledge activities that they will are or will be delivering to improve the environment in which social enterprises operate or to support them directly. Click here to access the SPARK Action Plan.

Download Strategy and Action plan

The Accelerator Progamme

Click here to learn more about how we delivered the Acclerator programme and the resources we used to help social enterprises embed innovation processes in their organisations .

Accelerator Programme


The Social Enterprise Innovation Accelerator Network (SEIAN), which includes over 350 members enables international exchange of knowledge between social enterprises, policy makers, support organisations and academics. Click here to explore membership, posts and how to register to be part of it.

Link to SEIAN