Accelerator Programme

The Accelerator is an intensive support programme, which mainly aims at assisting established social enterprises to learn how to use and implement the Innovation Roadmap in order to develop their capabilities to harness long term innovation.

After their recruitment, and over 18 months, the selected social enterprises participated in the following:

  • Peer to peer learning sessions (local and international)

  • 1 week safaris, including visits to social enterprises, development workshops and innovation clinics

  • One to one coaching to develop a plan, the Growth Journey, to facilitate the implementation of the Innovation Roadmap.

  • Training sessions on topics such as Finances, Marketing and Development of value propositions

  • Participation in the Open Innovation Group project to learn  how to make the most of open innovation techniques

  • Access to the E-Hub, a repository of information, now available below, and on our ‘Resources’ page

“The Spark programme was absolutely fantastic and has ‘sparked’ my interest and passion in the social enterprise approach which I will be taking forward. It was a pleasure to be on the programme and to work with you throughout. I will never forget the trip to the Netherlands and want to take this opportunity to thank you, once again, for organising such a fantastic programme” – Janice

Our resources

The Accelerator has been a successful programme, as our evalution demonstrates.

You can download many of the tools and exercises used on the programme through the links below.

For our copywrite and licensing information please visit our resources page.