Spark Project Resources

During the delivery of the Spark project, we have created a number of tools, centralised useful information and benefitted from the wisdom and experience of a number of stakeholders and project allies. In this page you can download useful resources to:

  • Learn about our research including our Innovation Roadmap and the development of our strategy and action plan

  • Access many tools developed and used on our Accelerator programme for established social enterprises

  • View our videos featuring our ‘best practice’ leaders for start-up social enterprises

You are welcome to use the Spark project resources provided you follow the licencing guidance, other resources have kindly been provided by other sources (please see individual documents) for licencing / copywrite guidance.  The information provided by the Spark project is provided in good faith. The Spark project partners and the Interreg 2 Seas programme are not responsible for any negative outcome that the use of this information may have!

Spark project tools and resources Creative Commons licencing


Our videos

View all our videos on our YouTube channel by clicking the link below


Spark Project YouTube Channel